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Double Agent in the Cold War

I was! This is an Autobiography


MIKE & ALEX the Defenders of the Animal Forest (children's book 4-10 years)

Educational and fun! 

See article below and review 


Happiness follows after Friday the 13th

A short and romantic story in an English scene


A Kid During Wartime WWII

4 short stories about my war experiences as a 4-year-old, including my sabotage of German army vehicles


Reed Sailing print:      € 14,00            e-book   The first and most hectic love of the author erotic story

€ 6,45


Ich war Doppelspion während den Kalten Krieg



Gefangen im Turmchen der Burgruine Lage

Eine gruselgeschichte für Jugendlichen



Kanonendonnern auf der Vechte

Eine weitere Gruselgeschichte für Jugendlichen



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AVAILABLE as an ebook:

                     Mike & Alex, Defenders 

                         of the Animal Forest

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Mike is the biggest child of family Rabbit, and Alex is the smallest from family Swine. As friends, they discover the forest and fields, and so they arrive at the stable of Mama Sophie with her piglets. Sophie wants to remain a lady, and therefore, Mike and Alex are allowed to eat her leftovers. That good food makes them grow big—very big and strong. So they become the leaders of the animals in the Animal Forest. Together with General Owl, the friends draw up plans to stop animal-unfriendly activities by humans. And they succeed! The housewarming party of people from the big city is disturbed by great craftsmanship. Such a party will never be held again in the Animal Forest neighborhood. So they convince the men of the construction of a road that can be better planned around than through the forest. And finally, very efficiently, the hunters go home without any prayer and dirty all over. And by all actions against humans, the animals win the sympathy of a large majority of the people. 

I work on a follow-up of this book. In  short, in part 2 Mike and Alex dole through Europe and end at the Normandy coast. Part 3: They travel with the dolphins to Walli Whale. He is shot at by fishermen, but our friends know how to heal Walli. As a "thank you" Walli offers them to see the world, and you can read about the adventures in three books.  

REVIEW Mike & Alex (translated from the one for the Dutch edition)

What an educational children's book you have written about rabbit Mike, pig Alex and the farm and forest animals. Your book actually consists of all kinds of little stories. In the first story, Mike and Alex eat the leftover animal food from farm pig Sophie. You explain in clear language why Sophie shares her food with the forest animals. She doesn't want to get fat, because then she might have to go to slaughter. I think it's special that you dare to discuss such a subject. In your last story you also discuss how the hunters operate in the forest. You describe how hunters use dogs to chase the animals away so that the hunters can see and shoot the animals. I really like how you describe all the animals. You use how animals behave in nature. For example, the worm is afraid that the hedgehog will eat it. By naming this you give your story an extra dimension. (Irene, Bookscout, Holland)

REVIEW Double Agent in the Cold War   FIVE STAR!!!

Richard Demma, Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2014 5.0 out of 5 stars

Fascinating Account of Life as a Double Agent

Dutch citizen Peter van Wermeskerken has quite a story to tell, and he tells it withconsiderable wit, humor and style. In 1967, at the young age of 27 and with no formal education, he was recruited by the notorious East German spy agency HUV, popularly known as the Stasi, to work for them as a secret agent in the Netherlands. Wisely, Peter immediately reported this contact to the Netherlands' own secret police agency, the BVD, who took him under their wing and used him as a double agent. What follows in Peter's account is a series of fascinating episodes and adventures that give us a unique insight into this murky world of double espionage from a very human, down to earth perspective. Some of the adventures are quirky and strange, many are absurdly funny – casting light on the incompetence and naivete of his East German handlers, and occasionally even the ineptitude of his 'friends' in the BVD. All the adventures, however, are colored by Peter's remarkable personality, which is marked by an astonishing bravura and self-confidence. I marveled at Peter's capacity to sail through some harrowing experiences and close calls with such lighthearted aplomb, coming through these ordeals with enough energy to spare to bicker for a pay rise! This is a remarkable book told by a remarkable man.

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